Fuzhou Stone Factory

Sat in a newly-built industrial area in Fuzhou, the design of the new office and exhibition building is based on an innovative modern style reflecting the latest development of the city. The design concept of the 5-storey office is inspired by the shape and volume of the quarry which is the source of materials for the stone company. The building poses an opportunity to reflect the harmony between mankind and the environment through the inspiration of the stones.

The overall massing of the design is composed of several blocks resembling the stacking of stones at the quarries. The individual components, such as meeting rooms, exhibition halls, dormitories and the owner’s residence are smaller blocks integrated within the main massing while maintaining a functional layout within the volume. The building structure will consist of stone, cast-in-place concrete, and metal; which effectively reflect the nature of the stone company’s work and the spirit of innovation.

The company represents the prosperous future of Fuzhou, and this design plan contributes to the new look of Fuzhou Industrial Zone utilizing a modern architectural intervention.