The design creates three shapes that evoke the sail, providing shelters and functioning as notable visual markers along the sea front of Blackpool.

The wind sculpture design focuses on two important roles of the wind shelter; to provide effective protection in windy weather, and to create attractive and memorable forms which will add to the existing features of the promenade. The design also attempts to create a feeling of maximum openness to facilitate the enjoyment of sea views and open air activities.

The form of the wind shelters evokes the shape of the traditional sail, adding to the general atmosphere of the waterfront environment. Like the sail, the form of the shelters seems to have been choreographed with wind in its highly dynamic gesture.

The form of the wind shelters is based on their two roles as protection and attractive objects. The “Scoop” of the shelter allows extra wind forces to work together with the vane to turn the shelter effectively against the wind, especially when the wind is at an acute angle to the vanes. While the aerodynamic shape allows wind to glide pass the surface with minimum resistance when the back of the “Scoop” is turned towards the wind.