Shanghai Expo

The key element of the competition design entry is an “information ribbon” that links the six sides of a perfect cube. The six sides of the cube represent the six Hong Kong themes that make Hong Kong a “city with unlimited potential”, as well as a “city of sustainable development”. The solidity and the cube and the fluidity of the ribbon create a relationship that suggests both strength and flexibility, concentration and openness, tradition and modernity.

While the information ribbon will have electroluminescent displays, the interior walls of the cube broadcast continuous “live” images of Hong Kong through broadband connections; this takes advantage of the extraordinary vibrancy of Hong Kong life in a 24 hour cycle. The broadcasts could include scenes such as stock exchange, container ports, airports, commercial districts, and the iconic Hong Kong skyline. In particular, the amazing daily laser show at 8 pm across the Victoria Harbour will also be broadcast live to Shanghai.